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From a quintessentially English Georgian manor to a glamorous villa in Southern Italy, Bigger Boat Film captures weddings for stylish and contemporary couples around the world. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your marriage abroad or at home, I can create the perfect wedding film to capture the essence of your wedding, and with it the essence of your relationship. My goal is to immortalise your wedding celebration forever, so that you can cherish the memories of your special day for years to come.



Simplicity & Elegance

The style of my wedding videography is natural, with a quiet and contemplative feel. It puts the focus on both you and your guests whilst telling the story of your day. You’ll be able to listen back to the wedding speeches and hear the emotion in your guests’ voices as you rewatch your wedding film in years to come. I work with couples who want their love story told effortlessly and with style, to mirror their personality as a couple. The key ingredients that make up my work as a wedding videographer are flattering natural lighting and artful composition. Together, these features of my work make for a wedding film that is simplistic, graceful and tells the story of your romance honestly.

An organic part of your day

While creating your wedding film, I travel light and use cameras that are small and unobtrusive, allowing me to blend in and become an organic part of your day. I capture the day as it happens, so you can look back and cherish the candid memories: the laughter, the nerves, the excitement and the tears of joy. I pride myself on blending seamlessly in amongst the guests, in order for me to capture those special moments as naturally as possible. The end result is a wedding film that appears effortless and honest.

When it comes to portraiture, I keep it simple. I’ll gently guide you through the process in order to produce elegant and natural shots that represent who you are as a couple, and that will serve as lasting mementos of your big day.


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In order to make sure that I can give each film the energy, time and attention that it deserves, I only take on a limited number of weddings of a certain style each year.
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I’m based in the East Midlands, but I travel nationally and internationally.