Aswarby Rectory Wedding Video

December 21, 2022





The proposal. Did they see it coming? Tell me a little bit about how it all happened...

Tell me a bit about you guys. What do you each do for a living? What do you like to do when you're not at work? What's important to you in life?

NOT AT ALL! 10 years later its fair to say it was coming, but when was anybody’s guess! 24.03.2020 also known as day 1 pre lockdown, we had a holiday to Scotland booked and cancelled (thanks covid) and as we had booked the time off work we knew we needed to make the most of it. With limited travel allowances we travelled to Thrunton woods, a huge pine forest in Northumberland. We walked for miles, just the two of us with no one else around, except the huge Stag we saw in a forest clearing! We climbed up a steep hill to get an amazing view of the forest from above. Charlotte stood on the edge of the hill to take a photo and turned back around to see Daniel on one knee! We finished our hike and headed home to surprise our family with the news

We have been together for 11 and a half years, first meeting at 3 years old and being in the same school until 9 years old. We reconnected at 15 through good old social media and the rest is history! Daniel is completing his PhD and Charlotte is working as a Menswear Fashion designer. Complete opposites professionally but it works! Often called Ross and Rachel (if you know you know) we have the creative and the scientist being perfect for one another. We love to walk everywhere, exploring the riverside and grabbing ample amounts of artisan breads and overpriced coffees along the way, finished off with binge watching crime documentaries (or friends) and cooking up some inventive veggie food in the kitchen!



What experience do you want to give your guests At aswarby rectory?

Why did you choose ASWARBY RECTORY above anywhere else?

Aswarvy Rectory just felt like home. Somewhere our friends and family could just relax in.
We wanted a beautiful blank canvas where we could make it our own, and Aswarby Rectory gave us that!

Laughter, we just want all of our guests to smile, laugh, dance all day! This wedding has been a long time coming and our families have been nothing but amazing in supporting all our life choices and are coming to celebrate 2 childhood sweethearts get married (think there will be a lot of tears). Our families have known each other upwards of 50 years (charlottes dad and dans uncles were at primary school together – small town vibes, we didn’t realise when we started dating how connected we all were) We just want everyone to share our happiest day and for smiles to fill every space.

The Team

Venue: Aswarby Rectory

Caterer/Set up team: HALL AND CO

Photographer: Esme Whiteside

Florist: Lily Jane florist

Makeup: Josephine Way

Hair: Hannah Blinko

Harpist: Ruth Lee Harpist

Cake: TSP cake (heather tilstone)