An Intimate nottinghamshire wedding

After a turbulent year of postponements and disappointment, Lauren & Ryan decided that they were no longer going to let anything stop them from becoming husband and wife.
With just a handful of their closest family members present, they decided to put aside their plans for a big wedding and cemented their future together during an intimate ceremony in Nottinghamshire.
They had also decided that videography was still going to be key to capturing their day, so they invited me along to capture their celebrations for them.

Much like on a bigger wedding day, I was able to capture their morning preperations and all of the anticipation and emotion that particular time of the wedding day brings.
They had also written letters to each other, so we sat down to do some quick letter readings, which made for a wonderful and emotional addition to their film.
Then, after the ceremony, we made sure that there was an opporutnity for the all important confetti shot before heading off to a nearby Country Park for a 15 minute portrait session.

This all made for a film that was just as emotive as any other wedding film and meant that they still had something immersive that lets them look back on such an important day.

You can read all about it in Laurens words below!

How long have you been together and how did you meet?

“We've been together just over 5 and a half years now. We met at university on a night out (very romantic!)”

Tell us a little bit about the proposal?

“Ryan booked us a weekend away in Bakewell which coincided with our 3 year anniversary. It was also that weekend when we had that 'Beast from the East' snowstorm so it certainly made the weekend interesting! We'd just got back from a long walk and Ryan proposed in the cottage we were staying in, it was a really special moment with it just being the two of us. I had no idea Ryan was going to propose, but in the moments leading up to the proposal he was acting so strange so I sensed something was going to happen!”

Why did you decide upon an intimate wedding?

“We decided to go ahead with a more intimate wedding because we realised what really mattered to us was becoming husband and wife. We could've never imagined how upsetting this year would be, and I think along the way it became clear we'd be just as happy with a small wedding with just our most immediate family around us.”

Tell us how you both found the experience of a micro wedding? Was it still full of emotion and excitement?

“The day felt just as special for us as it would've done for a larger scale wedding. I felt so excited getting ready that morning, and it was actually really nice being able to get ready and travel to the venue together. We did a 'first look' of Ryan seeing me in my dress, and wrote letters to each other to read on the day. These little unique touches made the day feel so emotional, and it really reminded us of how much we love each other.I think I speak for everyone when I say this year has made us value spending time with our family so much more, and that to us was the most important aspect. Being able to have our parents, brothers and sisters there with us on the day was amazing, and we were able to spend so much more time with them than if we had the larger wedding we'd originally planned.”

What would you say to anyone who is considering going ahead with an intimate wedding due to the current climate? Should they just go ahead and do it?

“I'd say if any brides or grooms are struggling to know what to do in this current climate, go with a micro wedding! After this rollercoaster of a year, and the struggle of having to postpone our wedding day twice, it felt like such a relief to actually get married and not have to worry anymore. Yes, it was very different to what we had originally planned, but it didn't make it any less special. We were surrounded by our loved ones, and could still celebrate just in a more intimate setting. We are also planning on having a second wedding day when COVID is a thing of the past, with a blessing and party for everyone who wasn't able to come this time, and who doesn't want two weddings?!”