Wedding videography for intimate weddings

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The wedding industry is now in a state of change. 2020 has been an unprecedented year (tired of hearing that term? me too…) and the hopes and dreams of couples hoping to tie the knot have been forced to change.

At the time of writing, the restrictions placed on wedding celebrations mean that only 15 of your closest friends and family can now share your day with you.

For the time being, I’m choosing not to talk about the pain and heartache that these restrictions are causing couples and suppliers alike, and instead, I’m going to focus on the positives and talk about the best way to still share your wedding with those who were unable to physically attend - Wedding Videography.Up until now, some couples have viewed Wedding Videography as an added luxury, and some couples have deemed it a must-have.

Attitudes have now shifted, and it has become universally agreed that a Wedding Film is simply the best investment when it comes to being able to share your day with your family and friends. Its value will only grow over time and it will go on to become an important part of your new and unfolding family history.

These new restrictions do not mean that Weddings cannot go ahead….they can! And now more than ever, we need reasons to celebrate and reasons to love.

This quote and image from Alternative Weddings Magazine sums it up best for me:

”Strip it all back... what is a wedding... a joining of two people in love, a promise to love each other for the rest of their lives. Celebrations will happen again and it will be a party like no other! Dont keep putting it off, marry the one you love, tomorrow might never happen”

A micro wedding is really no different to an elopement (although elopements are typically held in secret!), and those who have gone ahead with their intimate weddings have said that there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

It makes you re-assess what's important to you and when it comes down to it, an intimate micro wedding puts the focus on the very essence of what a wedding means.

You can share the day it’s self with those who are closest and important to you, but wedding videography allows to share it with those who couldn't be there on the day!

Wedding videography is ultimately more immersive than the photography (although both are still equally important!). All of those moments will be captured on film forever for you to cherish and share with your guests.

I’m now offering coverage for intimate weddings, so if you would like to discuss your plans with me, feel free to get in touch.
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