Bride and Groom Outside Compton Verney

Compton verney wedding videography



Compton Verney Wedding Videography

Nestled away in the Warickshire Countryside, Each wedding at Compton Verney is said to be a unique and memorable event, with the stunning architecture and art collections drawing you in and setting the mood.
You and your guests will be surround by 120 acres of woodland landscape and will be hosted in the stunning Compton Verney Manor House, which is home to a collection of portraits of people who have played a role in shaping Britain’s history, from King Henry VIII and his children Edward VI and Elizabeth I, to the Persian ambassador Mirza Abu’l Hassan Khan.

The stunning, cinematic location is perfectly suited for wedding videography with the end result looking like it belongs on the big screen.

Bride and Groom stood outside Compton Verney House

The Chapel

The Chapel is the perfect venue for your ceremony. with enough seating for 100 guests, the walls of this historic chapel are adorned by intricate plaster and marble work, and large windows fill the space with natural light. A small entryway leads to the main house.

The Adams Room

Compton Verney Weddings are often styled with all the classic elegance one would expect. The Adam Hall provides ample room to seat 100 guests for the wedding breakfast and speeches.

The Gallery

Compton Verney Weddings in the beautiful manor house in the grounds of Compton Verney, Warwickshire. This stunning collection of art works makes the galleries perfect for more intimate celebrations. Guests can sip champagne amongst the grandeur of Renaissance Naples, and enjoy predinner canapés whilst admiring works from the Holy Roman Empire.

Olivia & Saahil // Compton Verney

Compton Verney Wedding videography

Stylish, Natural Wedding Videography

My Approach

It’s really important to me that I keep my approach as simple and naturalistic as possible.
By using cameras that are small and discreet, I can blend in and become an organic part of your celebration, without having to stage anything or disturb you.
My style is mostly documentary, which means I’m looking for genuine moments and meaningful interactions between you and your guests.

When it comes to portraiture, I keep a light touch.
I’ll spend a couple of minutes working alongside your photographer capturing your interactions as they unfold naturally. I’m happy to provide some gentle direction to get things started, but I’m very sensitive to the fact that most people don’t enjoy being filmed.
Whilst it’s nice to have some shots of you in all of your finery, looking deeply in love with each other, I know that this isn’t primarily why people invest in Wedding Videography. The magic lies in those little idiosyncratic moments between your friends and family.

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