I TRAVEL THE WORLD to capture magic

Weddings are magical.

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the breath-taking coastline of Southern Spain, there’s a certain magic in a destination wedding that can be hard to replicate on your home turf.

A once-in-a-lifetime event such as a wedding deserves to have its magic preserved with stunning wedding videography to be cherished forever.

Whether your wedding is set in a vibrant hotel in the heart of a colourful international city, or a scenic dinner in an elegant French chateau, a destination wedding video will capture memories that will last a life-time.

Wedding videography allows a couple to fully immerse themselves in the magic of their wedding day weeks, months and years to come. You’ll be transported back to the best day of your lives; you’ll relive the excitement, the preparation, the nerves, the laughter and the tears of joy, all contained in a few minutes of delicate, story-telling film.

Being able to listen back to the wedding speeches and hear the emotion in your guests’ voices is a truly priceless aspect of wedding videography, all of which we’re simply unable to capture with a smartphone. Allow your guests to be present in the moment, and provide them with a video keepsake from your special day to treasure for many years.

Capture the soundtrack of the day: the music danced to, the chinking of champagne flutes and the laughter of friends and family, brought together for a truly special occasion.


Lucca // Italy



Create a memento of your special day that will outlive you, and form a part of your family history. Bigger Boat Film produce stunning wedding videos that will be watched by your children, their children and by generations to come.

Memories of loved ones will be kept forever, preserved in time. Many couples tell us of the joy it brings when they watch wedding videos of their parents and grandparents. We aim to create this feeling of warmth, joy and nostalgia with a couple’s own wedding film. Wedding videography will preserve the memories of the day as your own family history unfolds.

Château de Bourneau // france


a gift for everyone

It’s inevitable with destination weddings that not everyone will be able to attend your big day, so gift them a wedding video that will make them feel like they were there to celebrate with you. Allow them to see the joy on the faces of beloved family and friends, and hear the emotion in the speeches written to cherish and rejoice in your marriage.

why ME?

If you’re planning a destination wedding or are an international couple planning a wedding outside of the UK, the simple but artistic approach of Bigger Boat Film will provide you with destination wedding videography that will be treasured by all who view it. Our modest approach to creating films is one that travels well, and allows us to deliver consistently beautiful results, no matter where is the world your wedding is located.

Wedding videography is simply one of the best investments you can make for your destination wedding, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience, time and time again.

The story-driven, emotive nature of our destination wedding videography suits couples from all backgrounds, and weddings in all settings. Your celebration will be immortalised forever, allowing you to look back fondly on the day for many years to come.

The style of wedding videography that Bigger Boat Film provides is natural, with a quiet and contemplative feel. In our wedding films a story is told, with the focus being on you and your guests. The beauty of the décor and scenery is captured with elegance and simplicity, in order to provide a timeless feel to the film.

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Destination Wedding Videographer

how it works

Bigger Boat Film will typically fly out two days before the wedding, allowing time to arrive safely and to dedicate some time to capturing footage that shows off the beauty of the local area. I’ll stay for as long as the celebration lasts, to make sure every special moment is captured perfectly. I’ll fly home after the final day of your wedding.

My approach to destination weddings is to travel light, and use cameras that are small and unobtrusive. This allows me to blend in with the guests, and be an organic part of your day.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to tell me all about your celebration. I’ll check my availability and send over a brochure with my pricing details, so you can decide if we’re the best fit for your wedding.